Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wherefore art thou?

So, in the past four months I have been blessedly busy.

Goose and I traveled to Houston, TX for the first time so I could interview for the Psych PhD program at the University of Houston.

We then flew from TX to San Francisco to spend 10 days there. I attended my first big-girl Psychology conference for school/work.

We also visited our families. Goose's brother lives just north of San Fran, as does my brother and his new fiance. Such a good trip.

While there, I also celebrated my birthday with copious amounts of cupcakes, froyo, and things of the like.

Oh yeah...and it snowed!

We came home to pipes that froze, busted, dripped all over the electrical box, fried EVERYTHING, but thank God, no fire. We're still putting the finishing touches on the complete re-model of the bathroom.

I got offered one of five spots for the aforementioned PhD program. [Stoked!]

I quit running [temporarily] to fully heal and instead took spin classes twice a week.

Continued plugging away at my current schooling.

Traveled to Philadelphia to meet my brother's fiance's family. We were able to be there with her when she picked out her bridal gown- how lucky!!

Successfully gave up sugar for Lent.

Successfully took it back on a little too heavy after Lent.

Gained about 6 pounds, meh.

I've been busy planning [read: obsessing over] our big move South. Classes start August 22nd.

Got a new job which I'm amped about. There is a summer camp just up the road a few miles and they hired me to be their boat driver/instructor for water sports. SCORE!

Hmh, I guess I really haven't been that busy.

But I'd like to get back to chronicling some of my goals/aspirations.

Right now I'm trying to do yoga for at least five hours a week. [Ideally, that is five one hour blocks, but if time is prohibitive I'm allowing two half-hour blocks, etc.]. Before I jump [er, crawl] back into running I'd like to really be in the habit of spending time stretching thoroughly. Dedicating a chunk of time to yoga helps me build that into my day. I also just love the way that it makes me feel. I always do yoga from the comfort of my own home because I don't particularly enjoy yoga classes. At the risk of offending others, zen-yoga stuff isn't really my style. I admire those people who can just sit and be still and meditate but I'm not one of them. Really, I consider myself to be fortunate that I'm at a point in my youth where I don't need an extra time of respite. Generally, my stress levels are pretty low. I do however LOVE the fitness, stretching benefits from yoga at this point in time. I also think the balance helps me in some of my other sports such as wakeskating and snowboarding.

In addition to my month long yoga goal I would like to form mini-weekly goals. For this coming week I am going to focus on completing all necessary paperwork, finals, etc. for school so that I can finish strong.

Even though I haven't been here, I've been reading. Congrats to ALL the Boston folk, Chloe, I've been praying for that little baby inside your belly, pbfingers Happy Belated Birthday... :)