Monday, September 27, 2010

Back in Black

I have been very busy. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, I love when my day is full to the brim [honestly, I do. I'm not being a smart ass]. I'm simply apologizing to my beloved blog for being absent.

Last Friday was Goose's birthday but we had to attend a wedding that day [he was in the wedding party] so I decided to celebrate all week.

Saturday was his stash of expensive, European, sugar free chocolate.
Sunday was his old, vintage, fine pewter Hulk [he is MY hulk].
Monday was his new 'true to the movement surfwear' formal church shirt.
Tuesday was his very, very nice lingerie outfit [on me, not him].
Wednesday was his sugar free applesauce layer cake with baked apples in the middle.
Thursday was his Bolle Piraja sunglasses. [They were his favorite pair that he lost several years ago and hasn't been able to replace].
Friday was his sentimental, gushy card and his reserved spot at the wake camp for a day during our trip to Florida this coming November.

Oh yeah, and I was sick all week; Boo! But, not as sick as Goose was, what a bummer.

The wedding was beautiful. Hopefully, I'll scrounge up some pictures soon.

Friday morning I went to spin again, it was an endurance ride which I liked a lot more. I felt good and sweaty during the class.

Saturday I did my 7M run. What a difference a week makes?! I didn't stop once, even to pick up my water bottle out of the bushes. I only drank once. My legs felt good, my breathing was good. I don't know what to say, I even went for an extra 1/5m slower, jog cooldown and I felt like I could go another three miles. It was strange, but blissful. If only every run were this wonderful.

I'll be back to do some maintenance work on this blog.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I got my monthly e-newsletter today and read over one of the links "4 New Ways to Run Smart" or something like that. I got an extra jazz out of the last one.

Elizabeth Waterstraat, coach and founder of Multisport Mastery ( in Chicago advises to run as fast as you want to and not as fast as you think you can. She goes on to say "To know your limits, you have to be willing to test them."

I really dug her way of thinking. We can get really wrapped up in pace, vo2 crap, heart rate, distances, etc. that we can lose a sense of intuition. Are we listening to our bodies at times?

I often think at the end of a long run, did I run fast enough or far enough? Did I push myself as hard as I could have? I admit to rarely leaving my comfort zone. Maybe if I went back to my roots and just ran for the sake of enjoying running I might go all-out, I might listen to my legs and my heart and run with a different sense of vigor.

In other news, I'm sick, too. Join the club, I suppose.

I was lucky enough to be one of the first five people who commented on the lovely Beth's blog, Shut Up and Run! yesterday. This means, I was tagged to share 10 random facts with my two followers.

1. I organized and 'founded' the only 5K in my hometown when I was 13 to benefit a local hospice organization. It's going strong in its 9th year.

2. I learned how to ride a bike when I was 20 years old (2 years ago). Here's a picture of me learning!

3. I love costumes. Any and everything costume wear.

4. I [secretly] hate babies. Pretty much everything about them. I'm sure this one will change as I age.

5. My dog died and came back to life. Thank God.

6. I live for riding wakeskate in the summertime.

7. I don't like maps. When my boyfriend tries to pull out a Road Atlas I have a minor freak-out session. Maybe this is because the only assignment I ever did poorly on was a pop-geography quiz in the 4th grade. I got a 70 and cried for a week.

8. I'm an old soul and all of my friends are at least 15 years my senior, including my boyfriend.

9. I finished undergraduate school in 3 years even with transferring to and from five different schools. Fussy, much?

10. My Senior Superlatives were "Queen of Comebacks" and "Most Argumentative". I assure you not much has changed.

...Night kids.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Speedwork Eek!

My idea of speedwork has always been, well HIIT. I'm a gym girl so HIIT is what comes to mind. Today I decided to try some repeats on the track.

Yep, I'm new(er) to this game.

800m warm up
brief stretch sesh
5x800 @ 4:00, 4:08, 4:07, 4:06, 4:08 with 400m recoveries
800m cool down
stretch sesh

Does that make sense to anyone?!

Anyway, I run around a 10min/mile for my long runs and was aiming at breaking down a 9min/mile for my speedwork. Turns out it was closer to an 8min/mile. I'm happy. I'm also tired.

Going home to frost Goose's sugar free applesauce cake for his birthday!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

So far So good

Yesterday [Sunday] I went out for a 2.5M easy, recovery run. It actually felt good to get my legs moving and my muscles loosened up. So far, I'm on board with this easy run post long run thing. Today I am taking it easy with an hour of yoga before grad school this evening.

A week or so ago my middle brother [I'm the baby] came up to visit from San Fran. We got together with my three younger cousins and took some family shots.

Setting Up.

Almost everyone in the frame.

Three generations of beautiful; Myself, Mother, Grandmother

And how do I feel that a couple of weeks ago I was running in teeny-tiny running shorts and sports bras and last night I ran in this...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mama Said Knock You Out


Yep, I listened to this today during my 6M 'long' run. I like old school rap. [Is it lame that I think rap from the 90s is old school?] I digress.

You know how some days you are really feeling your long run. You're all like "bring it on, baby. I'm psyched to get out there and put my feet to the pavement! Let's do this!" And other days, not so much...

Today was a not so much day. I worked, came home and ate a big lunch, took a nap and woke up feeling a little sluggish. But, now that the sun sets significantly earlier, I prefer to get my run in before it is dark. So, I went out, pretending to be psyched.

I always feel like dung until about my third mile. [Imagine how much I enjoy those short, three mile runs where I feel like dung the entire duration!] I engage in a good deal of negative self-talk. I whine and complain and make excuses for why it's okay to just throw in the towel, even though I don't usually throw in said proverbial towel.

Had a righteous side stitch at about 2.5M and had to walk for a short spell. My last three miles were heaven. Great pace, felt like I was running on air, happy, comfortable, hydrated, etc. All in all it wasn't a terrible run.

I came home, stretched, grabbed my gatorade [and my jacket] and waded out into the black lagoon [aka my lake]. I went in up to my booty and relaxed. I kept my iPod playing and sipped on some gatorade for about 10 or 15 minutes. Then, my numbass self got out. Who knows what creatures are lurking in there at night time?!

Came in and had a glass of skim milk with some choco protein powder.

Wrapping Goose's birthday presents and downloading some yoga classes for tonight and this week.

I'm looking into a hydrofit class on Wednesdays also. Gotta keep on keepin on.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Climbin' up on Solsbury Hill

Today I took my spin class. I'm new, seriously, shockingly new to spinning. Heck, I only learned how to ride a bicycle at the age of 21. Bikes are a new beast to me.

Today was a strength ride. Not exactly what I would have picked the day before a long run but I still wanted to kick its ass.

And I did. For my first class. Really?

Now, I am no fitness diva here, nor am I tooting my own horn. But did you ever go try a new class and think it was going to be new, awe-inspiring, and so challenging you would have to admit defeat?

I have.

Yoga class.
Pilates class.
Belly dancing class.
Pole dancing class.
Rock Climbing.
Cardio Kick.

I want more.

Its hard for me to remember that everyone is at a different place in fitness. If I want an extra umph, I should have jacked my resistance even more. My own fault. I just was expecting more of a dramatic challenge.

Don't get me wrong, I still like spin and it is still going to be my Friday cross training.

Food for thought, even if it's just crackers.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

If it IS broken, fix it!

I'm not new to running. I've been running for, well, my whole life casually.

I AM new to distance running. [Is a half even considered distance running? Ha!]

This whole thing is a process. I'm learning, growing, adapting and changing. Lately I've been reading more about post-run recovery [long runs]. After a long run, I stretch a bit, chug some agua and go about my day.

So, it's time to change things up a bit. Afterall, the learning process is all about trial and error, right? Finding out what works for YOU.

Current training schedule:
Sat: Long Run
Sun: OFF [yoga]
Mon: 3.5M run, upper body
Tue: yoga, arc trainer
Wed: legs at gym
Thu: 3.5M run
Fri: Spin class

New training schedule:
Sat: long run
--Directly following long run, stretch, walk your tired booty down into the water, stand there and relax. I live on a lake, it's getting cold out, why don't I make use of my backyard and substitute it as an ice bath? DRINK + eat [english muffin with pb] Stretch/do gentle yoga that night--
Sun: 30min recovery run
Mon: OFF
Tue: Speedwork at the track
Wed: Full body w/o at gym, yoga
Thu: 3.5M tempo run
Fri: Spin class, yoga

Note to self: EAT!! Remember to eat something following long run. Don't neglect stretching. Try out ice bath [ie lake freeze].

We shall see...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010



Yep, Today I felt like Homer.

My run yesterday was terrible. Did I ever blog about that yet? ...Hmh, Well yesterday's run wasn't very good.

Potential TMI:

I got my period just prior to heading out on my run. My stomach was a mess and I was doubled over in pain. It was only supposed to be a 3.5 mile easy run. I made it through 2 and a quarter and had to walk. I was discouraged but tried to not beat myself up.

So, today I decided to try again.

In fact, I decided to make use of the track at my college after class for some speedwork.

I didn't bring my watch. FAIL!
Okay fine. I'll just toss my cellphone on the side of the track and sort of check it when I start/finish to get a ballpark of times, no big deal.

I head over there, seriously underdressed for the wind/temperatures.

Track practice is going on and I can't use the track. FAIL!

Okay fine. I'll just go out for another short run of some kind. Just get something in!

I head out on the open road and instantly my ears are stinging and ringing. I have these insanely small ears [freakishly small] that are really bothered by cold/wind. I don't mean to whine because I know A LOT of people have issues with running in the wind, it sucks! But, I was in a lot of pain.

FAIL! I cried Uncle.

I got in another two miles and went inside...

...Feeling defeated.

So, I went to our only tall building [5floors] and ran stairs for twenty minutes.

It is what it is.

Another day tomorrow.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

And in this moment...

I am...

To be honest, I'm generally happy in most moments. But this evening (and for the past few months) I've been feeling particularly blessed. I just wanted to share some of the [MANY] reasons I have for being so, so, so full of joy and love.

Each day I get to wake up and look out the window at God's beauty all around me, no matter what season.

I can't help but notice how amazing this world is that we live on.
[Note] There is beauty ALL around us if we take the opportunity to notice. You don't have to be directly surrounded by nature to be aware of how magnificent our Creator is.

I get to spend my days with my Goose. I am ALWAYS laughing, loved, being challenged, shown affection, made to feel special, stimulated by intelligent conversation, and played beautiful music.

I am lucky enough to have one of those Moms. My mom is my best friend. I can tell her anything, not that I ever have to talk because she always knows what I'm thinking. We have a special kind of bond where nothing comes between us. But [she is still my Mom,] always counseling, advising, parenting, loving, supporting, encouraging, and molding me into a mature and magnificent young woman. I owe everything to her. Not everyone is able to look back on their childhood with such warm remembrance. I know that I am fortunate and I am thankful.

When I feel disappointed or discouraged as if something didn't go my way or I just want to cry, I see my babies. They light up my life in every way as a constant reminder of youth, optimism, hope, playfulness, unconditional love, and happiness. When I'm with my dogs, it puts things into perspective; Life isn't so bad. Not only is it 'not so bad', It's pretty friggin' grand!

I'm also super grateful for my body. Running has really humbled me and made me appreciate [even more] how much my body is capable of. My legs carry me through so much. My body endures and withstands, it pushes, and it is there for me. I'm blessed to have my health and a fully functioning body.

I'm happy about school. I love Grad School. I love any school, really. I enjoy being immersed in new information, learning about my passion, exploring and expanding. It's exciting and it adds a lot to my days.

I also really dig my job. It's perfect for me at this point in my life. My boss changes around the entire schedule of the gym with each changing semester. He accommodates all of my crazy trips and hours, etc. I get a free gym membership right near my school, I get to talk about my passion for health and fitness while I'm there, I socialize with committed individuals, and my job is not labor intensive. I am so so lucky!

I could go on. It is important to replay this list [all, more, some, less] daily.

Tomorrow is long day of grad school, 4M run, and an upper body workout in the gym.

"And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him." Colossians 3:17

Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm Feeling Chatty

I confess, I'm feeling talkative this evening. I'll try very hard to still maintain some form of structure here.

On point all week with training. I was forced indoors [due to gale force winds, hail, and poor time management] on Thursday for my 4M run. I had to sneak [sort of] it in at work --work=gym. I wasn't happy about running on the treadmill but I got through it. I even cranked up the incline to a '2' and ran at a quicker pace than I normally do. I felt that these conditions helped simulate the road a touch better.
For my cross training this week, I spent my days doing yoga and some arc training at the gym. Oh, and I lifted three days this week too, if that counts as cross.

--------------New topic-----------
I love to shop. Okay, I don't enjoy shopping, the process. I enjoy going home with new things. I buy running gear and call it equipment necessary to the sport.

I scored these...And I scored these....

Plus some new running socks, just because it's nice to have a hearty supply. I'm pretty lax on my laundry. Haha!

Fall is starting to show it's beautiful face around here, so I'm upgrading my cold weather gear in preparation of cold weather outdoor runs.

-------------New Topic-----------

I run shorter [5/10K] races locally but am not interested in running our half/full. Let's call the cause "The Man". But, I wanted to volunteer with the race. Every event I've ever done has always gone so smooth and so seamlessly that I wanted to pay it forward.

My experience...WOah!

The expo was crammed into this teeny-tiny gym. The packet/bag/id/volunteer/road marshal pick up area was tucked into a back corner. There were numerous errors with registration. The booths were mediocre at best and not continually staffed. I was sort of disappointed. At the same time, it made me STOKED for the half in St. Pete. I'm ready for a classy and fabulous race.

-----------Related Topic-----------

I'm a planner. In case I haven't mentioned that before. I really like planning ahead. Flexibility; that's still something that I'm devoting A TON .aweebit. of effort to.

I have two full years left of Grad School. My third year is an internship. I'm [by I'm, I mean we're] looking at going out of state for that experience, most likely Florida. I was surfing around the net tonight and thought about maybe potentially considering doing a full marathon.

...Getting ahead of myself, much?

Anyway, it would fit divinely into my schedule to do the Walt Disney Full Marathon in January of 2013. Time will tell.

Let's just get through the half first.

Tomorrow is my 'long run'. On the schedule, we're back to just 6M. It's funny as the training progresses how numbers like 5 and 6 seem comparable to cake. Interesting... I wonder how long that trend will continue for.

I'm going to go do some yoga before bed.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

And We're Back

Okay, crisis averted.

I'm back on track with training. Since we last spoke, I've been on point every day; long runs, yoga sessions, stretching, days in the gym, cross training, and other runs. I'm (currently) back in business. I pray that this routine lasts. Right now, my weekly schedule is posted on the fridge and I'm checking things off. Go, girl!

Here's a bit about myself.
When I take on more, I want to take on even more.
Now that I'm back to grad school I have a lovely routine that I follow. I manage my time better, overall. So in addition to now being swamped with school stuff, I'm taking on some extra 'fun' stuff as well. For my cross training days I'm getting back into rock climbing.

And, I'm signing up for a weekly spin class. I cycle outdoors, but the leaves are already starting to change. A tiny local spinning studio just opened up here about 8 months ago and they have a class that fits into my schedule. I've only taken one spin class on a very informal basis. So, I'm taking a bit of a leap here. I like feeling comfortable and confident in my abilities. Spinning... not so much. But hey, sometimes it is fun to take a leap.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Sometimes you fail.

I'm calling this week one, big, giant, epic


I'm in a bad place mentally. I've started to get really down on myself and load the excuses on, heavy. I'm trying to rearrange my running schedule so that it fits with my new grad school/work schedule.

Life lesson: I DON'T |do| change all that well.
New goal: WORK on being more flexible!

So, I went running once this week. Once, all week. [Yeh, I know the week isn't quite over yet!]

Good news: I picked up a new pair of kicks. Much needed. I scored the Mizuno Wave Rider 13s and I'm a pretty big fan of them. You'd think I would be sooo stoked that I would have gone out running in them.

...Bring on the fail.

You can't live in the past though.

Breathe in one big deep breath of self-pity and with the exhale, let go of all labels, discouragement, disappointments, and feelings of sorrow. With your new breath in, inhale power, strength, determination, and a healthy dose of attitude.

Nothing to do now besides move forward.

"Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending." –Maria Robinson

So tomorrow my friends, I start anew.

My plan of attack to help hold me accountable: My Goose.

I'm going to write out my schedule for that week [not only in my planer like usual but also] on the fridge and Goose is going to provide some gentle encouragement on getting my things done.

I can do this.


I WANT to do this.

I just have to break out of this funk and get it done.

I want to go running and feel good.

So, I will.

On an upper note: I've been spending a LOT of time baking in the extreme heat and sun, riding a lot of wakeskate, getting some time in on the boat, doing some hiking with friends, enjoying mojitos on the deck, and of course, getting back into the full swing of a very time consuming graduate program. Life still is love. I'm blessed to have a very full and enjoyable life.

Coming up: better time management.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Let's Play Catch Up

What a whirlwind it has been these past few days!!
That's me, making funny faces at Goose, really excited about eating some cake!

Saturday was the rehearsal. Saturday was also a day spent ALL DAY doing decoration stuff. It was a long, long day with limited help.

Sunday was the wedding. We started decorating at 6:45am. Blegh. It was a LOT of work and I was physically burnt the next day from running all around, climbing up and down, hanging, lifting, and just being on my feet for 14 hours straight. I got home at 10:30 and just crashed.

But, grad school started back up Monday morning with an all day workshop. So, I got up at 5:50 the next day and went to school from 8am-9:30pm. DONE!

Tuesday was a better day schedule wise. It has been very muggy here (I'm trying not to complain!). After classes, I forced myself to go out for a run. Any run, just to get back into this plan. I've sort of fallen off the horse and am one long run behind. Not a huge deal.

Anyway, did 3.5 miles. It was alright. I had to walk for a bit. My breath was doing pretty good but my legs were sore. I picked back up and soldiered through. I didn't have my iPod either, but that wasn't as challenging as I thought it was going to be. Needless to say, it got me back into the swing of things and I'm grateful for that. Only a couple of months until my half.

Today is yoga, wakeskate, upper body at the gym.