Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mama Said Knock You Out


Yep, I listened to this today during my 6M 'long' run. I like old school rap. [Is it lame that I think rap from the 90s is old school?] I digress.

You know how some days you are really feeling your long run. You're all like "bring it on, baby. I'm psyched to get out there and put my feet to the pavement! Let's do this!" And other days, not so much...

Today was a not so much day. I worked, came home and ate a big lunch, took a nap and woke up feeling a little sluggish. But, now that the sun sets significantly earlier, I prefer to get my run in before it is dark. So, I went out, pretending to be psyched.

I always feel like dung until about my third mile. [Imagine how much I enjoy those short, three mile runs where I feel like dung the entire duration!] I engage in a good deal of negative self-talk. I whine and complain and make excuses for why it's okay to just throw in the towel, even though I don't usually throw in said proverbial towel.

Had a righteous side stitch at about 2.5M and had to walk for a short spell. My last three miles were heaven. Great pace, felt like I was running on air, happy, comfortable, hydrated, etc. All in all it wasn't a terrible run.

I came home, stretched, grabbed my gatorade [and my jacket] and waded out into the black lagoon [aka my lake]. I went in up to my booty and relaxed. I kept my iPod playing and sipped on some gatorade for about 10 or 15 minutes. Then, my numbass self got out. Who knows what creatures are lurking in there at night time?!

Came in and had a glass of skim milk with some choco protein powder.

Wrapping Goose's birthday presents and downloading some yoga classes for tonight and this week.

I'm looking into a hydrofit class on Wednesdays also. Gotta keep on keepin on.