Tuesday, September 7, 2010

And We're Back

Okay, crisis averted.

I'm back on track with training. Since we last spoke, I've been on point every day; long runs, yoga sessions, stretching, days in the gym, cross training, and other runs. I'm (currently) back in business. I pray that this routine lasts. Right now, my weekly schedule is posted on the fridge and I'm checking things off. Go, girl!

Here's a bit about myself.
When I take on more, I want to take on even more.
Now that I'm back to grad school I have a lovely routine that I follow. I manage my time better, overall. So in addition to now being swamped with school stuff, I'm taking on some extra 'fun' stuff as well. For my cross training days I'm getting back into rock climbing.

And, I'm signing up for a weekly spin class. I cycle outdoors, but the leaves are already starting to change. A tiny local spinning studio just opened up here about 8 months ago and they have a class that fits into my schedule. I've only taken one spin class on a very informal basis. So, I'm taking a bit of a leap here. I like feeling comfortable and confident in my abilities. Spinning... not so much. But hey, sometimes it is fun to take a leap.


  1. excellent ... you are self-restrained like every over-achieving athlete!

  2. HaHa Andrew! Do you blog, I had trouble locating one under your name? Thanks!

  3. Weeky schedule on fridge....genius!!!!!

    I will do that today! Bonus, hubby and children will be advised in advance what I have planned for any given day!

    I love you!

  4. Hmm, I might start spin for the winter season too. I am thinking of training for a 200 mile ride for cancer next year, and doing so while avoiding crashing into snowbanks is kind of tricky.

  5. Suz- it's working out great so far! I bet your hubs/kids will be a HUGE help.

    *- 200mile ride?! You rock my world. I know you can conquer anything.