Friday, September 3, 2010

Sometimes you fail.

I'm calling this week one, big, giant, epic


I'm in a bad place mentally. I've started to get really down on myself and load the excuses on, heavy. I'm trying to rearrange my running schedule so that it fits with my new grad school/work schedule.

Life lesson: I DON'T |do| change all that well.
New goal: WORK on being more flexible!

So, I went running once this week. Once, all week. [Yeh, I know the week isn't quite over yet!]

Good news: I picked up a new pair of kicks. Much needed. I scored the Mizuno Wave Rider 13s and I'm a pretty big fan of them. You'd think I would be sooo stoked that I would have gone out running in them.

...Bring on the fail.

You can't live in the past though.

Breathe in one big deep breath of self-pity and with the exhale, let go of all labels, discouragement, disappointments, and feelings of sorrow. With your new breath in, inhale power, strength, determination, and a healthy dose of attitude.

Nothing to do now besides move forward.

"Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending." –Maria Robinson

So tomorrow my friends, I start anew.

My plan of attack to help hold me accountable: My Goose.

I'm going to write out my schedule for that week [not only in my planer like usual but also] on the fridge and Goose is going to provide some gentle encouragement on getting my things done.

I can do this.


I WANT to do this.

I just have to break out of this funk and get it done.

I want to go running and feel good.

So, I will.

On an upper note: I've been spending a LOT of time baking in the extreme heat and sun, riding a lot of wakeskate, getting some time in on the boat, doing some hiking with friends, enjoying mojitos on the deck, and of course, getting back into the full swing of a very time consuming graduate program. Life still is love. I'm blessed to have a very full and enjoyable life.

Coming up: better time management.


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