Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm Feeling Chatty

I confess, I'm feeling talkative this evening. I'll try very hard to still maintain some form of structure here.

On point all week with training. I was forced indoors [due to gale force winds, hail, and poor time management] on Thursday for my 4M run. I had to sneak [sort of] it in at work --work=gym. I wasn't happy about running on the treadmill but I got through it. I even cranked up the incline to a '2' and ran at a quicker pace than I normally do. I felt that these conditions helped simulate the road a touch better.
For my cross training this week, I spent my days doing yoga and some arc training at the gym. Oh, and I lifted three days this week too, if that counts as cross.

--------------New topic-----------
I love to shop. Okay, I don't enjoy shopping, the process. I enjoy going home with new things. I buy running gear and call it equipment necessary to the sport.

I scored these...And I scored these....

Plus some new running socks, just because it's nice to have a hearty supply. I'm pretty lax on my laundry. Haha!

Fall is starting to show it's beautiful face around here, so I'm upgrading my cold weather gear in preparation of cold weather outdoor runs.

-------------New Topic-----------

I run shorter [5/10K] races locally but am not interested in running our half/full. Let's call the cause "The Man". But, I wanted to volunteer with the race. Every event I've ever done has always gone so smooth and so seamlessly that I wanted to pay it forward.

My experience...WOah!

The expo was crammed into this teeny-tiny gym. The packet/bag/id/volunteer/road marshal pick up area was tucked into a back corner. There were numerous errors with registration. The booths were mediocre at best and not continually staffed. I was sort of disappointed. At the same time, it made me STOKED for the half in St. Pete. I'm ready for a classy and fabulous race.

-----------Related Topic-----------

I'm a planner. In case I haven't mentioned that before. I really like planning ahead. Flexibility; that's still something that I'm devoting A TON .aweebit. of effort to.

I have two full years left of Grad School. My third year is an internship. I'm [by I'm, I mean we're] looking at going out of state for that experience, most likely Florida. I was surfing around the net tonight and thought about maybe potentially considering doing a full marathon.

...Getting ahead of myself, much?

Anyway, it would fit divinely into my schedule to do the Walt Disney Full Marathon in January of 2013. Time will tell.

Let's just get through the half first.

Tomorrow is my 'long run'. On the schedule, we're back to just 6M. It's funny as the training progresses how numbers like 5 and 6 seem comparable to cake. Interesting... I wonder how long that trend will continue for.

I'm going to go do some yoga before bed.


  1. I love reading your blog!!!!!!!!!!

    Gets me motivated!

  2. I like that you are thinking that far ahead. It takes time to train your body for a full marathon so I think looking ahead a couple of years is a pretty smart thing, and probably quite motivating too! Florida eh? Very cool.

    I like your new gear!