Friday, September 17, 2010

Climbin' up on Solsbury Hill

Today I took my spin class. I'm new, seriously, shockingly new to spinning. Heck, I only learned how to ride a bicycle at the age of 21. Bikes are a new beast to me.

Today was a strength ride. Not exactly what I would have picked the day before a long run but I still wanted to kick its ass.

And I did. For my first class. Really?

Now, I am no fitness diva here, nor am I tooting my own horn. But did you ever go try a new class and think it was going to be new, awe-inspiring, and so challenging you would have to admit defeat?

I have.

Yoga class.
Pilates class.
Belly dancing class.
Pole dancing class.
Rock Climbing.
Cardio Kick.

I want more.

Its hard for me to remember that everyone is at a different place in fitness. If I want an extra umph, I should have jacked my resistance even more. My own fault. I just was expecting more of a dramatic challenge.

Don't get me wrong, I still like spin and it is still going to be my Friday cross training.

Food for thought, even if it's just crackers.

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