Monday, September 20, 2010

So far So good

Yesterday [Sunday] I went out for a 2.5M easy, recovery run. It actually felt good to get my legs moving and my muscles loosened up. So far, I'm on board with this easy run post long run thing. Today I am taking it easy with an hour of yoga before grad school this evening.

A week or so ago my middle brother [I'm the baby] came up to visit from San Fran. We got together with my three younger cousins and took some family shots.

Setting Up.

Almost everyone in the frame.

Three generations of beautiful; Myself, Mother, Grandmother

And how do I feel that a couple of weeks ago I was running in teeny-tiny running shorts and sports bras and last night I ran in this...


  1. Ahh yes, for modesty reasons I never run in a sports bra ...

    nice pics

    what are you talking in graduate school?

  2. Andrew is forgetting that I don't live far from him and have seen him out in a sports bra several times.

    Great Family pics!

  3. HaHa! You two are hysterical. Thank you.

    Andrew- my program is School Psych. I'm the nerdy girl that loves school, always have.