Tuesday, September 14, 2010



Yep, Today I felt like Homer.

My run yesterday was terrible. Did I ever blog about that yet? ...Hmh, Well yesterday's run wasn't very good.

Potential TMI:

I got my period just prior to heading out on my run. My stomach was a mess and I was doubled over in pain. It was only supposed to be a 3.5 mile easy run. I made it through 2 and a quarter and had to walk. I was discouraged but tried to not beat myself up.

So, today I decided to try again.

In fact, I decided to make use of the track at my college after class for some speedwork.

I didn't bring my watch. FAIL!
Okay fine. I'll just toss my cellphone on the side of the track and sort of check it when I start/finish to get a ballpark of times, no big deal.

I head over there, seriously underdressed for the wind/temperatures.

Track practice is going on and I can't use the track. FAIL!

Okay fine. I'll just go out for another short run of some kind. Just get something in!

I head out on the open road and instantly my ears are stinging and ringing. I have these insanely small ears [freakishly small] that are really bothered by cold/wind. I don't mean to whine because I know A LOT of people have issues with running in the wind, it sucks! But, I was in a lot of pain.

FAIL! I cried Uncle.

I got in another two miles and went inside...

...Feeling defeated.

So, I went to our only tall building [5floors] and ran stairs for twenty minutes.

It is what it is.

Another day tomorrow.


  1. OMGosh I love TMI.

    You rock. 20 minutes IS 20 minutes. YAY you!!

  2. My precious punkin!

    Today will be better....because I said so!


  3. Gah how annoying!

    You still got in 2 miles and 20 minutes on stairs. That's good! It's pretty awesome that you just kept searching for alternatives. That's the way to do it lady! Inspiring :)

  4. Thanks for the uppers. I needed them. :)