Wednesday, September 15, 2010

If it IS broken, fix it!

I'm not new to running. I've been running for, well, my whole life casually.

I AM new to distance running. [Is a half even considered distance running? Ha!]

This whole thing is a process. I'm learning, growing, adapting and changing. Lately I've been reading more about post-run recovery [long runs]. After a long run, I stretch a bit, chug some agua and go about my day.

So, it's time to change things up a bit. Afterall, the learning process is all about trial and error, right? Finding out what works for YOU.

Current training schedule:
Sat: Long Run
Sun: OFF [yoga]
Mon: 3.5M run, upper body
Tue: yoga, arc trainer
Wed: legs at gym
Thu: 3.5M run
Fri: Spin class

New training schedule:
Sat: long run
--Directly following long run, stretch, walk your tired booty down into the water, stand there and relax. I live on a lake, it's getting cold out, why don't I make use of my backyard and substitute it as an ice bath? DRINK + eat [english muffin with pb] Stretch/do gentle yoga that night--
Sun: 30min recovery run
Mon: OFF
Tue: Speedwork at the track
Wed: Full body w/o at gym, yoga
Thu: 3.5M tempo run
Fri: Spin class, yoga

Note to self: EAT!! Remember to eat something following long run. Don't neglect stretching. Try out ice bath [ie lake freeze].

We shall see...

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  1. I think distance running is 100 miles a day ... I think half marathons are considered warm-up these days.

    Cool that you are finding stuff that works. I was surprised to discover how much proper food and water can effect my comfort and speed the following day - by as much as 3 minutes faster on a long 10K run.