Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fair-Weathered Friend

There, I admit it.

When it comes to running, I'm sort of a fair-weathered friend.

Maybe I don't belong here...

Confession: I only run when I feel like it and want to.

Sure, if I'm training for an event, I'll stick to my schedule and get out the door if I'm dithering.

But right now, I'm not training for an event and I'm just running when I want to run. Given the serious crap the sky has been unleashing upon my hood lately, I haven't been spending too many days outside. Yesterday was an outside day.

I laced up my Mizuno's, updated my iPod, put on sleek shades, strapped on my watch, and I was out. [Don't worry, the clothes had already been put on]

I headed south down the middle or the road. It was the middle of the day and there were few cars out. I cranked my music and felt the sun on my body. It was pure bliss.

I went about a mile and found myself at the bottom of one big, ass mofo of a hill. I stretched it out briefly, found my inner-beast and sprinted up that hill, hard. I did sprint intervals the entire way up (1.5miles) before walking the entire way down. At which point I realized I was better off sprinting up 100m, walking down. Rinse repeat. I did a few more repeats from the bottom and jogged home.

It felt so good. My booty was feelin' it the next day and I loved every second of it.

Mmmm, I missed you.

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