Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mid July

Hi out there.
I don't start my actual training plan for my half until the middle of August. But I have been sneaky... and I have been active.

I've been doing 3-4 runs a week, trying to stay conditioned and build up a decent base mileage before jumping in feet first. I'm following the schedule (1 long run, shorter runs during the week, some interval, some tempo, etc.).

Tonight was my 'long' run of just over 4 miles. It felt great. My favorite running quote has always been "You never feel worse AFTER a run!" Boy is that the truth. I come home with an extra shot of vigor, ready to tackle new chores, bouncing up and down.

It's been hot for our area, high 80s, mid 90s. When I'm done with my run, I walk outback, I don't even come inside the house, I kick off my shoes, toss my ipod on the bench, and splash...

It does wonders. It helps soothe my muscles, cool me off, stretch me out. It is the perfect conclusion to a nice long run and I am truly blessed.

After a bit of paddling about I make sure to take my 15 minutes to stretch. I've been trying to make sure that I include:

Calf stretches
Butterfly (groin) stretch
Straight Leg stretch (hits all the way down the backs of your legs)
Lower Back
Ankle rolls

Here's a great resource for a super in depth explanation on stretching and some must do stretches for every runner.

Since I'm in the early stages of my running, I've been admiring lots of fun toys. Specifically a new pace watch, a spibelt, and possibly a road IDtag.

Splibelt is one of the sponsors of the HM in St. Pete, and for good reason.

It is exciting to be looking at all of these new gadgets, educating myself, and feeling strong and accomplished.

Tomorrow, my legs will rest. Ahhh.

It is off to the gym for stretching & upperbody work.

When I think about the task that is before me, I try to remember:
“If God sends us on strong paths, we are provided strong shoes.” --Corrie TenBoom

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