Friday, May 13, 2011

Fitness Forums

In December of 2009 I graduated and had a lot more time on my hands. I started frequenting Oxygen Magazine's fitness board. I LOVED it there. I "met" the most amazing women with a range of inspiring stories. There are distance runners, bodybuilders, weight loss success stories, and fit mommies! But what we all have in common is our dedication to a generally healthy lifestyle consisting of healthy heating and activity. It's awesome to be "around" like-minded females and to have so many resources directly at your disposal.

I don't necessarily love Oxygen magazine and all that it represents, to be honest with you. It's gotten quite commercial and the advice can be shady at best.

Recently, the magazine sent us out an e-mail letting us know they were shutting down the forum and launching a new site, etc. [We're unsure if there will be a new forum with the new site]. To make an already long story a touch shorter, the online community there isn't thrilled.

However, two beautiful projects have come out of it. It's amazing to see people pull together and when there is a need to be met, really go the extra mile.

Two stand out members of the board have each created new forums.

So if you're ever looking for advice on anything and everything related to health, fitness, pregnancy, sport-specific training, etc. go check out:

Female Fitness Forum


Strong Chic

Each has its own vibe. The first is arguably more informative while the second is more laid-back.

Nevertheless, both are brand new so you can say that you were there when...

AND, there's some phenomenal experts in their field eager to give advice and chat.

So, if you're in Upstate NY like me and experiencing a rainy weekend [or MONTH], browse around.

End plug.

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