Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I went to the gym today. Well, I work at the gym, so I had to go, but after 'working', I did my 'working out'. I spent a little while doing some upperbody stuff; bench press, one-armed rows, shoulder press, chin ups, and db cleans. Then, I did some ab work and stretching before making my way to the cardio section.

...I tried running, again.

My knee started hurting at exactly .3miles in. I kept going for a bit to try to better pinpoint the sensation. I'm considering going to a sports doc to get a second opinion. I'm not an expert [believe me!] but all of the signs pointed to ITBStuff, but, for being just an overuse injury this thing would be hanging around a seriously long time. I'd like to rule out the possibility of anything worse. You can call me a sissy pants, I don't care much.

Keeping my positivity high.

I've been finishing up my PhD application. It's mostly complete but I'm stuck on what piece of work to submit for a writing sample. The requirements "independently constructed for a scholarly audience" are just so vague!

In other news- tomorrow is our first day of ice skating for the season. Bring on the holiday festivities.

I hope life finds each of you well today.


  1. Ugh. Sorry it's still hurting. Good luck with the app.

  2. Well if you're able to do all that weight training and not have it bother you, chances are it's just an overuse injury like you think. Bite the bullet and go see a professional.....

  3. That stinks! Hope you can find some resolution.

  4. Awesome.

    Keeping positivity high.

    YAY you!!

    You rock.

  5. Thanks for the advice. I've seen a PT Ken, does that count?

  6. yeah...if you don't get better witht eh advice of one doc...find another. I found a place that specialized in therapy for endurance athletes. They had a bag of tricks that my other doc didn’t have a clue about…and my IT issues were better in one week. I was back up to my pre-injury training on 2 weeks. There is hope. Stay positive and don’t give up.