Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Where have I been?

Sort of sulking.

My ITBand didn't clear up... I went running a couple of days ago and felt some pretty righteous pain about a mile in.

I'm a little disappointed because I took two solid weeks off- no running just some cycling, yoga, and a bit of arc training. Really, knee? My very first half marathon is in two and a half weeks? Can't you cut a sister a break, here?!

So, now what?

I guess I go back to more foam rolling, more icing, more resting, and more stretching.

Here's my lame plane- I'm going to try to go balls out on some other endurance machines (spinning, arc training) to try to keep some element of endurance up. Try running again in a week. Go from there.

Either way, I'll be spending a month in Florida so I suppose it is not all that bad but boy would I like to go balls out on my half...

If you're the rosary type, say a few for me...


  1. Dont forget about your pitt stop on the way to FL!

  2. Sending out a word to the man for ya..... LOL

  3. I'm a prayer girl. You got it woman!

    Have a blast in FL!!

  4. Damn. But on the flip side...I had IT issues...and with the right stretches and strengthening exercises…they went away never to show their dirty pain again. Stick with it girl…you’ll be back out there in no time.