Monday, December 6, 2010

Foresight and some deep thoughts...

No, not by Jack Handy.

Sometimes I get overwhelmed. I'm 22 but I've always been the girl who was 12 going on 32. Note: I don't know what happens when I reach 32, will I start going backwards?

My boyfriend whom I love and adore and hope to marry when I'm done with school is a bit older than me and some days I get caught up in comparing my life to the lives of others. So many of my friends from High School are getting married, getting jobs, moving into houses, and having babies. Some days I just want to be moving on to the real life stuff. I know, it's a little lame.

But, I have 3-6 years left before I have my PhD and really get settled into a job and a geographical location.

So, what, then I think about marriage at 28 or so? Then I consider kids at 33?

...Okay, when I type that out, that actually doesn't look so terrible.

But, sometimes I'm in such a hurry. I just want to be there and I can get frustrated in the process.

Then I stop and breathe.

According to the 2000 census only 6% of the population get Masters degrees and only 1% eventually obtain a doctorate.

In 1998, the average individual receiving his or her doctoral degree was 34 years old.

Sometimes it's hard to look into the future and confidently declare "What I'm doing may not be paying off at this very moment, but it will be in the future." I think my generation has a hard time taking a long, hard look at the future and being able to reason through how their current choices will impact them.

I generally have good foresight.

Two things in my life help with that:

1. My health and fitness lifestyle.

I'm 22, let's face it, if I drink too much Friday night, I'm going to wake up looking okay on Saturday. If I overindulge on the Whoppers, it just sort of goes away.

But will that be the case in 10 or 20 years? Probably not. The habits that I make now WILL carry with me into the future and boy, will I notice it then.

2. Jesus Christ.

Another let's face it, being a Christian isn't always easy or fun. There can be persecution, turmoil, sins, days of questioning, and feelings of hopelessness. But, there is no question in my mind that in the end, it pays off. [Although I LOVE being a Christian and am eternally grateful for having my life saved and breathe easier knowing God is on my side and I can call on him in times of need] The reward from Christ does not present itself immediately. Sometimes things are beyond our comprehension, but salvation has been given to me because of the choices I've made now.

End textbook.


  1. okay I thought one was awesome then I got to #2. Awesome-R.

    Trust me ---- life starts in your 30's. ;) Says me.

  2. Yes! EMZ is so right! Life does start in your 30's!

  3. What's that sound? Oh it's God laughing while you're making plans ;)

    Life will not go exactly as you plan it to, no matter how hard you try. I think it's good to look ahead and think about what you would like as long as you remain open to change.

    Try to live a life that you love every single day. If you make that your #1 habit, then in ten years, you will still be living a life you love. That's my strategy :)

  4. Agree with the first three comments. Look ahead, but live today. And don't worry about your friends who are becoming 23 year old mom's - many of them will want to trade places with you when you're 27!