Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Two Serious Shout-Outs!!!

First: Do you follow Shut Up & Run?
Yes? Good, boy.
No? Shame on you!

She's hysterical, she's raw, and she's super knowledgeable and experienced in all things running. And she's having a sick giveaway. In fact it's the Ultimate giveaway.

In the words of Les Grossman in Tropic Thunder,

You know you want the goodies!!

So go, enter.

Next, Patrick over at The Road has created this oober-cool internet place for like-minded fitness folks to get their chat on. It's like if all of the athletes in the blogosphere had daily scrabble sessions, or in our case, maybe hot yoga sessions but online...

Oh boy, am I giving your site bad press, Patrick?

Anyways- it's fun. I've already joined and I dig it. You can leave comments, post events, ask for advice, talk about training stuff, and make locker-room type comments, too.

Here's the address:

Get it, girl.

I'm still very busy with all things college for the next two days. Then, I get to fly down to springfield, MO for a week. ...I'm not sure Springfield is very exciting but I bet it's not 7 degrees, either. Just a thought.


  1. what exactly is a hot yoga session? And I think you meant to put On The Road I'll just be going on and on about how cool EAP is so you might as well skip that and go straight to the site.

  2. Patrick- you're 100% right. I did mean for the link to be to EAP. That's what I get for doing a late night blog post in the middle of studying. I've corrected it, sorry about that!

    Hot yoga: And no, I've never done it.

  3. Love them both.

    Don't tell P-rick though.

  4. Patrick--I've gotta get over there!! Thanks for the reminder!

  5. heading to go check out EAP.thanks!