Friday, December 31, 2010

Attempt Dos

I don't make resolutions, really. I'm constantly making both long and short term goals but I don't really do the New Years Resolution thing. I think the start of the new year is a great time to reflect on your year past and evaluate your progress in order to make some specific changes, but I also think that EVERY DAY is a good day for that.

One of my goals last year, however, was to run my first half marathon. That one ended up in the crapper. Sometimes you just have to pick yourself up by the boot straps and keep going. Onward and upward, no other choice.

I've been nursing my wounded ITBand for a while now, taking all the necessary steps, seeing the necessary doctors, including rest, etc. etc. I think I'm getting better. I ran a bit while away in MO for a week, that seemed to go okay. I ran a bit this past week, hills even, that seemed to go okay.

Here's my lame dilemma. I've been wanting to devote a good 10-12 months to heavy lifting and putting on mass in the gym. However, that type of training PLUS distance running do not support each other. I've been spending some time lifting again these past couple of weeks and it feels good but I want to run. I want to complete my half marathon so badly.

So here is what I decided. (sort of had decided in the past when I thought I was better before I was actually better.)

I'm going to train smart for the next 8 weeks and run the half in the Bay Area while I'm visiting California in the last two weeks of February. I'm not going to include a taper in my training. I'm going to have to run sometimes in crap cold winter weather. But I want it very badly. It's my first half marathon. I don't need to have a time goal, I don't need to win the darn thing. I just want it, I want the experience, I want to be successful, and I want to put this goal behind me.

I hope and pray that my ITBand issues are gone but if they come back, I will just deal with it as it arrives...

Took advantage of our 50 degree January thaw and put in a whopping 3.5miles yesterday.

Let's do this.


  1. I hope 2011 brings everything you have ever wanted because you deserve it!

    Love you

  2. I hope it all works out for you...very encouraging that you handled the run w/ hills! Go for it!