Sunday, January 2, 2011

It's Clinical

I swear I need a diagnosis.

I've been on break from school for a few weeks now and I'm driving myself (and those around me) bonkers. My mind is always going, always working and without being able to agonize over school work I'm having some serious issues over here.

The first four days or so I actually enjoyed doing nothing. thinking about nothing. [if you're thinking about nothing then are you really thinking about anything at all? Should I have put 'not thinking about anything'. Do you see how this gets out of hand?!]

Then I got invited to interview for the PhD program of my choice. I went right to work. My mind was pleased with me. I went through the CV's of all of the current faculty and categorized their research interests, read through their three most recent publications each, took notes, wrote my responses, and devised questions to ask. I then planned out my outfit for the interview day, booked my flight, hotel, car rental, and made an itinerary for Goose (who will be coming with me) for our interview day AND our day of checking out the city. I reviewed my application materials, researched potential questions and practiced answering them. I read through countless reviews about the city, compared crime data, living expenses, etc. I exhausted all things PhD and all things Houston.

That got me through a few days. Then I decided to plan my brothers wedding [You know, without telling him the details]. They aren't getting married until the spring of 2012 but I figured, hey, the early bird gets the worm! They already have their venue booked so I looked at races in the area to run for her bachelorette party, read books from the library about how to create your own super chic wedding invitations, looked through the portfolios of several wedding photographers who had previously shot at their venue, sent her all of the upcoming bridal expos/trunk shows in her area for the next year and a half.

I need to be doing things. And not busy work [Okay, some of that is busy work.] I have to be exercising my mind muscle. I can clean, reorganize the closets, paint the deck, whatever but that doesn't work for me; I need to be thinking about something, figuring something out.

Diagnosis: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and an IQ in the high genius range.
generous, huh?

Oh yeah, I'll be running again today, also. Starting out slow with four miles and hoping all goes well. It's a lot easier to bump up your mileage if you can handle the distance than to knock it back down afterward.

It's back to being cold here.

I'm back to warming up with my favorite cuddle biscuit!

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