Sunday, January 16, 2011

I know that you like my style

Have you read this fine gentleman's (grandfathers!) blog? Apparently he's over 40 but you wouldn't know it to look at his pictures. He's been blogging for what, four days now? (I kid.) and he has taken off running (pun intended). He has this fantastic outlook on training and life plus he is a marathoner extraordinaire. The point is, go check out his blog.

Jim was kind enough to pass the torch of 'Stylish Blogger' down to my humble blog. Gracias muchacho.

Let's get crackin'...

WARNING: lengthy self-absorbed blog post in the making.

1] These are my nearest & dearest. We used to work together at a bank several years ago. Although we've all since changed jobs, relocated, etc. we remain close and get together at least twice a year. These women hold my heart.

2] I over-think EVERYTHING. My mind never stops and I'm always thinking, figuring, analyzing, planning. As a psychologist I do a phenomenal job conceptualizing ideas or concepts for clients but can over emphasize the importance of understanding them.

3] I love my Mom so much. I have always valued her wisdom, admired her strength, sought her advice, appreciated her unconditional love, and hope to one day be a fraction of the Mother that she is. I'm so blessed to have her.

4] Anyone familiar with Manchester Orchestra? I got to listen to a private acoustic jam with the singer (Andy Hull) and the amazing keyboardist/drummer/everything man. It was a really heart felt performance. I first learned of them off the [AMAZING] wakeboard movie Transgression.

5] I LOVE being active [running, wakeskating, snowboarding, cycling, hiking, snowshoeing, rock climbing, ice skating, weight training, swimming, etc.] but don't enjoy watching sports hardly at all. In fact, we canceled our cable and gave away out television two years ago February. BUT my favorite 'sports' movie of all time is the Junction Boys. If you're a fan of either football or Texas A&M, rent it!!

6] For my undergraduate degree I transferred to/from five sschools until I felt at home. I learned a lot about myself in the process and really solidified some of my values, expectations, standards, and worldviews. This is where I lived at the fourth one. So beautiful from the outside.

7] One time I went duck hunting and just giggled through the whole experience. Just so you know, I probably wouldn't have shot a duck even if we saw one.

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  1. Awesome pics! Even though you couldn't shoot one, you probably have a great duck call! Great job!

  2. Wonderful post! I loved all the pics!