Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Blanket Statement

I have heard this before, but came upon it tonight and it hit home.


How true is this one simple phrase for EVERYTHING in our lives?

The obvious; my training. We put in countless [actually, they are very measurable given how anal we all are about tracking our workouts!] hours pushing our bodies, our boundaries, and our limits. We sacrifice, exhibit discipline, go without, and yet gain so much. We kick our own asses. Some days when I'm training for an event I feel like I 'have' to get out there and run. I can skimp in other areas of my life; school, friends, family.. But oh the taste of victory is sooo sweet. I've been hard pressed to replicate the feeling of crossing the finish line, out of breath, muscles screaming, joints aching, knowing that I did it.

GradSchool. Let's face it, logging hours on my computer, writing papers, taking exams, administering assessments to snot nosed kids, counseling all sorts of adolescents, spending time memorizing pathologies and diagnosis, it's not a cake wake. It's easy to not further your education even though you want to. It's easy to settle and sell yourself short. But I know that in the long run I will be happy and better off for it. I'll have great experience, tons of contacts, a broader job description, vast qualifications, and LOVING every [okay, I'm not there yet so I'm being a little naive] minute of what I do.

My faith. I've mentioned it before. Christians weren't promised an easy life here on earth. It's a long, windy road. There's lots of questions, doubts, confusions, and worries. Christians can waiver just as any other. This place can be dark, dismal, full of sin, and difficult to endure. But once you remember what He endured for you and what He grants so freely, the reward is great. In the end, the promise of salvation

I hope that I remember daily when struggles arise to look forward into the distance and know that things are not always easy, but they will be worth it...

Running towards good things...

Checklist for Friday:
Call makers of busted electric blanket and beg & plead for replacement.
1 hour of yoga.
protein pancakes for breakfast.
chili for dinner.


  1. I would say this statement is true for most things in life. I'm going to use it as my quote of the day on my blog.

  2. so very, very true. i do love how training and racing really correlates to daily living...running my marathon was hard and i hated most of it towards the end, but all those feelings vanished once I crossed the finish line. it's much like life, which isn't always easy, but crossing the finish line into heaven will be so very worth it.

  3. That's great, DRunner.
    Well put Chloe, I hope to share your marathon bliss on day.

  4. You are a wonderful Christian in my eyes because you dont judge those that chose other religions. ;)