Saturday, October 9, 2010

Just my musings

I wanted to start out by saying I think my yoga mat (next to my toothbrush) has carried the most bang for its buck. I scored my beautiful little pink girl a couple of years back for like $10. I use it ALL the time.

I stretch, do yoga, relax, you name it. Inside, outside in the grass, on the dock, at the gym/studios. It has traveled with me to the Adirondacks, Florida, California, and states in between. I love my little yoga mat and all that it has done for me.

It feels good to have something tried and true.

Next: Check out Beth's giveaway on her blog. You can score some sweet gear; ie. lululemon, need I say more?! Not only because she has a fabulous giveaway going on, but simply because she's a phenomenal blogger; entertaining and extremely educated. Worth the read.

I had a busy day today. Mostly full of fun things like shopping, napping, going to an expo at the House of Guitars, and a bit of schoolwork. Nevertheless, there is only so many hours of sunshine anymore, so I sucked it up and went for my run in the dark tonight. It was 49 degrees and a bit breezy. I hate running at night. I've only done it before when I had to get in an oober quick jaunt, tonight was 6miles.

All I will say is Geesh, if you want to simulate some potential race day anxieties, send your ass out at night, in the dark, by yourself on a rural road, you'll get a sense of anxiety alright. More like, straight fear!

Alas, I made it safe and sound and am able to check my run off my list.

Off to catch up on some Americas Next Top Model ReRuns... yep, I'm lame.

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