Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I asked for it!!

During the last twoish miles of my 10.5 run on Saturday the outside of my left knee started to hurt. It was a dull, constant pain that I was able to run through, but I was aware of it.

After icing, etc. it still hurt. I was sort of gimpy but that's not super unusual; I thought I could have just been sore from running that distance. I iced, heated, stretched, took Monday off.

I could bend, move, flex all around and I didn't feel a thing.

Today I hit the track for my speedwork. I was feeling good, loving it. After my second set of 800s during my recovery jog, there it came... I called it quits instantly and hiked over to the gym to spend some time in the Arc Trainer.

I'm thinking IT band because it is on the outside of my knee?

Here's my plan:
No running until Saturday (at least)
Ice, stretch, foam roll, do bw exercises
Take it easy at spin class Friday

The thing is, it doesn't hurt at all (unless I bend it to a certain point than I just feel it) until running.

Aye Carumba!

Any advice...?


  1. Um yep, BTDT it's the IT. It won't hurt unless you're running. Lay off as best you can. Ice, roll stretch, get yourself a Cho-pat. Heal it now so it doesn't become chronic.
    Pigeon and double pigeon yoga poses are also great for it.

  2. Sounds like you have the routine down..... Catch it soon and take care of it.

  3. Bummer about having to interrupt your speed work. Hope you're back on the track soon.

  4. My IT band just started hurting last Saturday after my race. I've been ok, though, with several things--I rested two days, got a massage on Monday, and have been foam rolling and icing like crazy. Seems to be almost gone. Hope yours goes away asap!

  5. You guys are great. Thanks for the advice and the lifts.