Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Winter Fitness

I live in Upstate NY where they say we have two seasons; Winter and the 4th of July. So in honor of the winter months, I'd like to stoke myself up for my favorite winter fitness activities. If you're looking for something different to try this winter, check out one of the ideas below!

1. Ice Skating

I LOVE ice skating. My boyfriend and I try to go twice a month when the rinks are open. If you're good at skating it can be a decent aerobic workout. If you're new and just learning it can be great for strengthening your legs and improving overall balance. Either way- it's a plain, cheap fun outing regardless of age or ability. Find a local rink here.

2. Snowboarding (or snow skiing)

I'm new[er] to snowboarding but find it ultra invigorating! There is something about being out there in nature at night with the elements all around you and immersing yourself in the snow, the hill, all of it. For me, snowboarding is a total body workout. When you're starting out you'll light up your quads in a big way. You engage your core keeping yourself upright and twisting your hips. Plus, the gear is ultra rad.

Find a ski hill near you here.
Don't want to pay for a pricey lift ticket at a haughty resort? Grab some older gear from a garage sale or play it again sports and hit your back yard. It's still guaranteed fun!

3. Take yo pasty self indoors!

I spend a lot of time indoors in the winter doing lifting at the gym, spinning classes, and yoga classes. But, sometimes I like to mix it up. If you're looking for a new challenge and something a little different, go climb a wall. Rock climbing is great. I used to think it was more of an upperbody exercise but I think it's all in how you climb. The nice peeps at my indoor center explained that if you're doing it right you're using stabilizer muscles but mainly your legs because they should be supporting you and propelling you upward. My take, you'll feel it everywhere. Like most activities, you will get out of it what you put into it.

Go check it out by finding a righteous spot here.

4. Go get outside; hike, walk, whatever!

A lot of you I'm sure still run through the snow. I don't, really. The winter is more of a recreational running season for me; if I feel like hitting the pavement I will and if not, then baby I'm staying indoors. But running aside, we spend a lot of time walking our dogs at the canal trail in the winter. Perks: way less people then would be out in the summer, new and different views of your surrounding, brisk, cool air. It's awesome to take a big, deep breath of cold winter air.

Or, if all else fails, hop on a plane and go sit pool side, gulf side, in sunny Florida... Just saying.

Look at how pale I am, can you tell I just arrived from NY?!


  1. So fun! I miss having a real winter!

    And I've only been snowboarding husband took me when we were dating and I was getting pretty good, even learning how to stop properly, when we took a tumble and I landed shins first on the edge of his board. Yeah...ouch. I still have the scar to this day, and I haven't been back since.

  2. I friggin' loved this post. It just got me stoked and scared for winter at the same time. I'm secretly plotting a getaway someplace where there are drinks with coconuts.

  3. This will be the year that I get up to Big Bear and snowboard again. Really need to do this...

  4. You just inspired me to try rock climbing again! I tried it in H.S. and was convinced bc of my lack of arm strength that I couldn't do it. I'm going in with a new attitude and I'm totally going to conquer the wall :) Thanks!

  5. I love winter. I'm so excited for it. I think I'm going to bring more variety to my activities this season.