Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bad, bad blogger

Where does the time go?

Goose went to the ATL for a couple of days so I was extra busy with house and dog chores. I also started a new program as (supervised) counselor for a group of students transitioning from HS to...Lord knows where, I guess that's the point of the group. That has filled up my mornings more than I am used to and I just have NOT been spending time on my computer like before.

Lo Siento.

I hope everything is fabulous in your world today.

I have been too lax on my weekday runs. I did my 8M run yesterday. I finished. My legs felt heavy but I attribute that to no running the previous week, just a righteous spin class the morning before.

Must. Stay. Focused. Must. Stay. On. Plan.

I pray I will get more time for my blogging world, checking up on mis amigas more often and finding inspiration in all that you guys are.

Hopeful schedule for this week:
Sunday: 3M recovery run, yoga at night
Monday: off
Tuesday: Speedwork
Wednesday: Hydrofit, weights
Thursday: Tempo Run, maybe weights
Friday: Spin
Saturday: 6M

When making your
choice in life, do not
neglect to live.

- Samuel Johnson

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  1. It appears, my love, that we have wandered down the same path.