Saturday, October 16, 2010

Let's Face It...

I'm probably [certainly] never going to finish first in a race, 5K, ultra or otherwise. So why do I run?

I discovered today during my long run a little more about what running is to/for me. Isn't it great when you're constantly learning? Such a blessing.

Today was supposed to be 9miles. I started out and forgot my house key (Goose had just dropped me off, had him pull a U), had too much crammed in my spibelt and had to stop several times to adjust, and got a rock stuck inside my shoe and had to pull the darn thing off to fetch it. My first mile was brutal. It was more like intervals; all stop/go. I was irritated and I didn't want to go 8 more miles.

A few more miles in I realized, this run today, this distance; it will be a first for you. It's not something that's easy for you but you're still doing it. [Yep, I said you, because I was talking to myself, silly.]

That sooo goes against everything that I am. All things come easy to me, duh. So really pushing myself past the point of comfortable complacency is new. It's kind of exciting, too.

Today I stopped comparing myself to other runners. I'm a middle of the pack runner. I'm not an elite athlete who is going to break any records. But I love running. I love this new feeling of rising to the challenge and enjoying the ride up. I love the way the breeze feels on my face. I love how my body gets to a point of floating where I don't feel a thing and each step feels light as a feather. I love spending time with God and marveling at His presence all around me. I love digging deep, kicking it up a notch, and feeling a high. I love that it's mine. It doesn't have anything to do with school, my boyfriend, my family, or anything or anyone else. It's me and the road and it's my run. I can choose what to do with it and what I want to get out of it. I love that.

Anyway. I really love running and where I'm at with the sport. I'm enjoying trying out new distances and starting a run thinking "Can I finish this?" Embracing the uncertain now has a warm, calming sensation that it never before held.

So, I arrived at the house and was disapointed with all the stopping/starting I had to do in my first mile. I ditched my jacket and kept running. I got in an extra 1.5M bringing my grand total for today up to 10.5M. Yep, that's a record for me and I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty amped on it.

Gotta find joy in all things, big&small.

When I got back I bundled up and walked out into the water, Gatorade (and choco-no bake protein bar) in hand. It's hard to tell from the picture but it was super windy and wavy out. I appreciate that I can walk into my back yard for my ice bath. And let me tell you, it's mid/late October in upstate NY. That lake is cold!

Now it's time for my afternoon nap in the sun. Spoiled, much?


  1. strange juxtaposition of pictures - bikini on the profile and a winter coat on the post.

    at least you're smiling in both!

    That's great that you will not win races ... that means you have much more to learn from your running that a winner would!

  2. Love this post! Thanks for the smart words on my post about doing Boston--you're right--you never know what tomorrow may bring!