Friday, October 8, 2010

The Zone

I've been in the zone lately.

A good zone.

My goal is to write once a week at least because my energy has been so focused in other locations but I don't want to lose site of my blog entirely.

This past week I was on. I completed all of my runs [8MLR, 3MRR, 3MSW, 4.75MTR]. I made it through, I pushed myself, I paid attention to hydration and stretching a lot. I did one day of strength training, two days of yoga, and my spin class. And, I'm PMSing. What now!? I felt accomplished, motivated, and challenged. All things that I love.

My eating however was out of this world. I craved sweets [and general crap] in a big way. I wasn't happy with this area. I would like to do better with this next week. [GOAL]

I have a break from school and plan on focusing on my health/wellness and pounding out some assignments ahead of time.

Oh yeah, school. I'm thinking I'll finish my two years of my M.S. and transfer right into my Psy.D. program. I plan ahead, obsessively.

This is a 'recovery' week so my 'long' run tomorrow is only 6 miles. I'm okay with that.

I'm going to head to my lovely and local Fleet Feet on Sunday to score a spibelt. I hate, hate carrying things on my person while running. I follow the hide the water in the bushes plan for hydration and drop sunglasses/headbands/etc. off under guardrails until I'm ready to retrieve them. I just don't enjoy carrying things- even belts. But, I really would like to attempt to snap some shots of my actual race (we get to run the bases of Tropicana Field!) and bring my phone on my longer runs, just in case.

I also want to score some shotblocks to try out. As of yet, I've only hydrated with water and have never used any alternative fuel source. Think it'll help for the half? Well, we're going to try it out ahead of time.

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  1. Nice to know you're still "on top of yur game" and in the zone. Keep up the solid training.