Tuesday, August 17, 2010

And the Beat Goes On...

3.5miles... Check.

I was still stiff and sore from my 6.5 on Sunday and didn't stretch quite as much as I should have the past day or so, but I got it done. 3.5 seemed easy by comparison and I enjoyed a nice, relaxing out and back jaunt.

It was cooler tonight (the past week or so has been brutally muggy!) and there was a nice breeze. I enjoyed feeling refreshed as I trudged on. My pace was all over the place, but overall I ran in 34minutes and felt great about that. I don't want to get too far ahead of myself so I'm going to extend my 'base building' phase and right now just worry about putting in miles. I predict in about mid-late September I'll do one day of serious speed workouts at the track, hoping to improve my time a bit by race day.

Still struggling with eating. I've got to get this under control. Today (at the gym of all places) I enjoyed a delicious giant chocolate chip cookie from the bakery next door and washed it down with an entire bag of Halloween chocolates. Yep, I'm a slob.

Tomorrow I'm going to make out a list of foods that I can take, grab, and go. My problem is usually refrigeration/making food. I mostly need to bring things that don't require ice and are ready to eat. I can conquer this.

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