Friday, August 13, 2010

For What It's Worth

I read somewhere once that a crappy run is better than no run.

Today I had a crappy run. It was my own fault really; I hate a big Chinese lunch, I laid around, I lifted heavy and hard on my legs yesterday, etc. So by the time I got up and around to run it was just...mediocre. I only ran 2.5miles and called it quits. I wanted to walk the instant I started, so I figured 2.5 was something. I suppose I feel triumphant in that I ran at all. Hey, you've got to celebrate the small successes also!

Today was busy:
grocery shoping
Chinese lunch with Pammalove
bachelorette party shopping
lots of dog walking/bathing
night out with great girlfriend
some cleaning around the house
and of course, running and stretching

I'd like to take some time and enjoy tomorrow a bit more, spend some time laying out on the water, doing some yoga sessions.

Goose comes home Sunday- hallelujah.

Goodnight mis amigos.

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