Monday, August 16, 2010

You Learn As You Go...

The title is actually in reference to blogging today, and not running.
Fact: I'm new at this.

I totally didn't know/get until just now that there are people who follow or comment. I NEVER saw any comments until a few minutes ago. I LOVE being social, so I will do better at that. Who knew? Blogging is foreign territory to me, so feel free to shout pointers at me along the way. Some things, you just jump in and then learn as you go.

In running news:

I ran my 6.5. Not only did I run my 6.5 I ran it in less time than I ran my 5.5 last week. I don't usually congratulate myself enough but I was pretty stoked on that. I even walked through my water stations (yep, I make my own) and once at the top of a beastly hill, and I STILL had a better time.

For my long runs, I've been running straight out instead of having to do out/back. I do better with changing scenery and not having to loop back, it's totally mental. So I start from the house and run straight down the road. Depending on the distance, I run to a friends or Goose comes and picks me up. Conveniently I have a friend just 4.5 miles down the road and a friend 6.5miles down. It works great!

My legs felt my hiking from yesterday and it was a bit more of an effort but I just kept going. My breathing was good, pace was good (stayed at 10min/mile the majority of the run). I hydrated at just past mile 3 and at 4.75. Those two were enough.

You know what I thought when I was done?!

...Half way mark, baby!

I'm encouraged that half way into the 13.1 distance I still feel limber, mobile, upright, hydrated, and motivated. With three months left until the half, I'm confident that I can kick this thing's butt. And by kick it, I mean merely finish it!

Today: Yoga, upper body @ the gym, stretching
Tuesday: 3.5mile run

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