Monday, August 23, 2010

Sometimes we take a few steps backward

Sunday didn't go as planned. It went sooo not as planned that I didn't even want to post in here last night.

I was hurting yesterday; had a giant blister on my achilles, super tight hammies, a sore booty, AND I hate a giant cheesey pasta dish about three hours before running. I was a mess.

I still set out to do 5 miles (my official training plan just started and called for a 4mile run, I want to give myself a cushion so I decided I'd step back from last week's 6.5 to 5 this week).

I start chugging along and my ears are just burning. There were some serious wind gusts, which would have been a welcome cooling off if it wasn't stinging my ears so badly.

Next, I had some serious gut rot from the pasta. I knew this would be the case. I got pretty discouraged out of the gate, but then realized that's what long runs are for. That's how we learn and prepare.

So lesson for me: I can do carbs in the form of breads for fuel but I don't do good with large pasta portions. I get nauseous pretty quickly and feel it everywhere.

Needless to say I only got in 4.5miles and had to walk for a chunk of it. My pace was an average of 12min which is pretty darn good for how much I walked.

Tomorrow is another day.

Today I got over myself, did a LOT of stretching to try to help out with my tightness and got in a pretty great upperbody workout at the gym.

I NEED to get to the running shoe store FLEET FEET and score some new kicks. I've been so busy with this wedding (coming up on Sunday) that I've been struggling to find the time. Things will slow down.

Tomorrow is 3.5mile run.

And, probably legs in the gym.

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  1. Live and learn! If you hadn't eaten all that pasta you'd never know that you don't like it before running :)