Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Rest is important, all the way around.

...for my body tells me so.

First, quick recap. My five mile run on Sunday went great. I paced 11/mile but finished strong, didn't feel weak, etc. I'm going to run 5 again on Sunday.

Okay, back to my much needed R&R.

I've been running 3xweek.
Cross training with biking or swimming at least 2xweek.
Doing yoga 3-4xweek.Getting up at the buttcrack of dawn to ride wakeskate 4-5xweek.
Lifting weights 2-3xweek.
Walking the dogs twice a day, every day.

I'm burnt and I'm not getting enough sleep. I need to rest up, prioritize, and remember that right now my main goal is the half. Some things (ie lifting sessions) will take a back seat and that is okay. I need to remember, I am NOT super woman and I can NOT do it all. If I want to be successful, I need to give the half my energy, my focus, and my mind.

I'm young, so I'm scrapping by but I'm starting to feel exhausted and things are only going to pick up once my schedule gets crazy this month. (I'm in two weddings, planning the bachelorette parties for both and school starts the 28th).



Listen to your mind and your body.

I went for a 35min recovery jog today. I was thirsty (duly noted!).

Now, kids...

This baby is going to sleep.

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