Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I did it.

I run pretty much all of my 'longer' runs in the evening. Anything over 3miles, I reserve for after 7pm. We've been having an east coast heat wave all summer (I'm NOT complaining) so the middle of the day has been brutal, and I am not a morning girl, I'm just not.

Yesterday, I had to do my 5.5 in the mid-day heat, around 12:30 to be exact. It was hot and very muggy. The temperature read 87 but it felt far more brutal than that.

I wanted to quit, several times. I thought about stopping, or sitting down, a lot.

I was dripping in sweat and felt all gritty and light-headed.

But, I did it.

I thought, if I wasn't struggling and didn't think about quitting, then it would be easy. The fact that I wanted so badly to stop, but didn't, well that's overcoming and that is what this journey is all about; removing myself from my comfort zone and finding myself successful, above all.

I don't carry a hydration belt (I might in my future). So I just dump unopened water bottles off along my route, pick them up, drink them, toss them, and move on. Of course I pick them back up after my run is over, I don't liter silly!

My first (and only) water wasn't until around mile 4. That was a mistake on my part. Given the humidity, I should have put at least two, starting at mile 2.

The run took me an hour and four minutes (11:28pace). Did I ever mention that I'm okay with being slow? I am. I figure, running is not my life. There is always going to be someone (or in my case a LOT of someones) faster. But, there's also always someone slower. I'm a middle of the road kind of girl, and that's alright with me. If I'm able to run the whole half, I'll be thrilled. Pace, not as much of a concern.

Schedule for the remainder of the week:

Today: (Wakeskated in the AM), Yoga, Upper Body at the Gym
Wed: wakeskate, 3mile run
Thursday: Yoga, bike ride, legs at the gym
Friday: Speedwork at the track; 3.5miles
Saturday: Yoga
Sunday: 6mile long run

Keep pushing through.

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  1. Take care of yourself in this beastly heat!

    Keep pushing through...I need to remember this! I'm glad you let us in on your blog :-)