Saturday, August 14, 2010

We Each Have Our Own Demons

In the grand scheme of things getting up and being active, whether it be my training runs, cross training, the gym, etc. just isn't really a huge struggle for me. When push comes to shove, I get it done. The majority of days, I enjoy getting it done.

But, in my mind health and well being is multi dimensional. You know, mind, body, spirit and stuff. I'm blessed to say that my mind and spirit are soaring high. I'm an eternal optimist, I deal with all of my emotions, I have a phenomenal support system in my life. So, you're wondering, where the heck are those demons you were talking about?!

My eating.

No, I don't struggle with an eating disorder (Thank God) and I don't emotional eat. I just don't care. I believe that I'm an ectomorph ( meaning I lose weight pretty easily and am naturally lean. But there is a big difference to me between weight loss and health. I am very much at a health weight but am I healthy? Eating a disgusting amount of sugars and avoiding most of the food pyramid can't be a good thing.

I've been trying to make food choices around running. You know, thinking of it as fuel for my body. Since I'm not seeing any physical consequences (ie weight gain) I'm having a really hard time kicking my habits. I know there must be things happening INSIDE my body that aren't showing on the outside.

It's a constant struggle. Mostly it's a struggle because the scale hasn't tipped to the point where I care yet. ...We shall see.

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